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Understanding Social Contacts and Macam Macam Social Contacts

Understanding Social Contacts and Macam Macam Social Contacts
Understanding social contacts | Various kinds of social contacts | Before getting into the point, let's see what it contacts. Contact etymologically derived from the Latin cum, or con, which means together and Tangere means touching. So that contact can be interpreted as together touch.
In physiology, the contact will take place in the form of a touch but the sociological concept of contact terms associated with social object itself is public.
Thus was born the term social contact. Social contact can occur without physical contact. Social contact can occur through symptoms of social phenomena such as reading mail, email, play, fight, talk face to face, talking through tools such as telephone and others, speaking in front of many people and many more. Thus, the notion of social contact is the action of an individual or group in the form of a gesture that has meaning or significance for the perpetrator and the recipient reply to the action with reaction.
Macam Macam Social Contacts

There are several kinds of social contacts are divided into several properties, way, shape and degree of relationship.
By the way, the social contact consists of two:

Social contact direct or reciprocal relations between individuals and between groups occurs physically, such as talking, smile, body language, various other actions such as hitting and so forth.
No direct social contact, that contact that occurs in the presence of a mediator or an intermediary such as television, newspapers, radio, email, and tools or other intermediaries.

Miscellaneous social contacts by its nature, there are three, namely:

1. Social contacts between individuals
2. Social contacts between individuals and groups
3. Social contacts between the group with group
Miscellaneous social contacts based on its shape consists of two, namely:

Positive social contact is social contacts that form the pattern of social relations of cooperation
Negative social contact is social contacts that form a contradictory social relations and even result in the loss of social relationships such as rupture of the interaction.

Miscellaneous social contact when viewed from the relationship consists of two levels, namely:

The primary social contact is social contact that occurs when a direct link such meeting or face to face directly, or in other words without any intermediary so that the other party and the other party can know each embodiment, respectively.
Secondary social contact is social contact that does not allow both sides to know each embodiment due to the mediator or intermediary. Thus, there is less than perfect social contact such as telephone, email, letters, and other television shows.

Understanding social contacts

So a brief explanation about the meaning of social contacts and a range of kinds of social contacts, you need to consider and understand that different social contact with communication. The difference is in communication necessary for an understanding of the meaning of a message by both parties

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