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lose weight the healthy way

lose weight the healthy way

It's a healthy way to lose weight hot water!
One of India's health tips Ayurveda gives you a fun way to lose weight. The way it is consumed warm water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

As reported by the, drink warm water before breakfast would make you consume fewer calories. Drinking warm water are also able to curb the appetite, keeping the body to keep hydrated, and also makes your digestive be cleaner.

This is because warm water has the same temperature as your body so that warm water can increase metabolism faster. A good metabolism will stimulate weight loss. In addition warm water will also help the body to burn heaps of calories in it.

But it will work effectively if you only eat warm water without additional agents or other sweeteners. If you feel bored with the bland taste, you can add lime juice, ginger pieces, mint leaves, or even cucumber slices into it. Good luck!

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Senin, 09 November 2015

Understanding Social Contacts and Macam Macam Social Contacts

Understanding Social Contacts and Macam Macam Social Contacts
Understanding social contacts | Various kinds of social contacts | Before getting into the point, let's see what it contacts. Contact etymologically derived from the Latin cum, or con, which means together and Tangere means touching. So that contact can be interpreted as together touch.
In physiology, the contact will take place in the form of a touch but the sociological concept of contact terms associated with social object itself is public.
Thus was born the term social contact. Social contact can occur without physical contact. Social contact can occur through symptoms of social phenomena such as reading mail, email, play, fight, talk face to face, talking through tools such as telephone and others, speaking in front of many people and many more. Thus, the notion of social contact is the action of an individual or group in the form of a gesture that has meaning or significance for the perpetrator and the recipient reply to the action with reaction.
Macam Macam Social Contacts

There are several kinds of social contacts are divided into several properties, way, shape and degree of relationship.
By the way, the social contact consists of two:

Social contact direct or reciprocal relations between individuals and between groups occurs physically, such as talking, smile, body language, various other actions such as hitting and so forth.
No direct social contact, that contact that occurs in the presence of a mediator or an intermediary such as television, newspapers, radio, email, and tools or other intermediaries.

Miscellaneous social contacts by its nature, there are three, namely:

1. Social contacts between individuals
2. Social contacts between individuals and groups
3. Social contacts between the group with group
Miscellaneous social contacts based on its shape consists of two, namely:

Positive social contact is social contacts that form the pattern of social relations of cooperation
Negative social contact is social contacts that form a contradictory social relations and even result in the loss of social relationships such as rupture of the interaction.

Miscellaneous social contact when viewed from the relationship consists of two levels, namely:

The primary social contact is social contact that occurs when a direct link such meeting or face to face directly, or in other words without any intermediary so that the other party and the other party can know each embodiment, respectively.
Secondary social contact is social contact that does not allow both sides to know each embodiment due to the mediator or intermediary. Thus, there is less than perfect social contact such as telephone, email, letters, and other television shows.

Understanding social contacts

So a brief explanation about the meaning of social contacts and a range of kinds of social contacts, you need to consider and understand that different social contact with communication. The difference is in communication necessary for an understanding of the meaning of a message by both parties

Minggu, 08 November 2015

Understanding Social structure

Understanding Social structure
Understanding the social structure is a social construct that is composed of various elements forming the community. Elements are interrelated to one another functionally. Related functional means if there is a change in one of these elements, the other elements will change.
Forming elements such as human society or individuals who are members of society, place of residence or neighborhood environment where people are, and culture (see definition of culture) and value (read terms of value) and norms (see the sense of the norm), which regulates the common life.
Understanding the social structure according to Mr Koentjaraningrat that the social structure is a framework that can describe links between various elements in society.
Besides, added by Mr. Soeleman B. Taneko explains that the notion of social structure is the entire social fabric of the fundamental elements that rule the social norms, social institutions, social groups and social layers.
If the social structure envisioned as a three-story building and the roof of the building is a cultural social structure of society, the roof is of course not only a roof over the top, but also the roof of the first floor and the second floor as well. This three-storey building or social structure can stand firm because of the pattern of social relationships occur. The pattern of the individual's relationship with individuals, groups of individuals and the relationship between each of the existing groups. And of course, this kind of relationship is established with the values and norms which they have agreed together.

Illustration of the social structure as a three-storey building

Back to the three-story building as a depiction of the social structure. A building must have entrance. The entrance can represent values and norms. The door will not open if you do not agree or do not have the values and norms that are expected by the building or the building occupants. Likewise, if you chose to go through the window, it's obvious that you violated the norms and values that exist in the social structure.
There are two dimensions in the social structure that is the vertical dimension and the horizontal dimension. The vertical dimension is the degree of difference in society so that society as a multilevel view. The vertical dimension can be interpreted as storey building more than one so that the top floor is the most have a high degree while the lowest are those that have a low degree in the social structure.
The vertical dimension can be found in the social stratification, social class and social status in society. The vertical dimension example is to divide the community in the form of upper class, middle class, or lower class which is usually based on their financial condition.

Understanding the social structure
Furthermore, the horizontal dimension. This dimension is often referred to as a derivative of the vertical dimension. Something that should be horizontal dimension is often obscured vertical dimension in the social structure. The horizontal dimension only mean that these differences do not contain multilevel differences only in the group there is a difference. By occupation or profession such as humans. The horizontal dimension in this profession will become blurred if the vertical dimension is associated with income, nature of the work (soft or hard, or even the size of the intelligence needed the job.

So a brief explanation of the notion of social structure.

Jumat, 06 November 2015

Understanding Poverty

Understanding Poverty
Poverty is a condition where there is an inability to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health. Poverty may be caused by the scarcity of means of fulfilling basic needs, or the difficulty of access to education and employment. Poverty is a global problem. Most people understand this term is subjective and comparative, while others see it in terms of moral and evaluative, and others understand it from a scientific angle that has been established, etc.

In the book Poor? Do Mau, explained with hilarious that poor understanding of each person and the size of the relatively poor example: Some say poor property rich nda origin papa heart; some say that the poor if we can not meet basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, there is also that ndak eat meals together origin, but it is also said that if no money to eat today. There is also a nine impoverished grace and later at the end of hitungannnya faster and so on.

Further in the book "poor? Do not be shy", explained that the definition of poverty should be divided into 4 parts so that the poverty divide into four levels, namely:

Poor understanding level 1 is a state that requires basic clothing, food, and the board can not be fulfilled. While the definition of the poor level of 2 is if primary needs can be fulfilled but not for the poor sekunder.Definisi level 3 that fulfilled the needs of primary and secondary but not tertiary. Further to the poor definition of level 4 are fulfilled the primary, secondary, tertiary, but can not guarantee your child (in terms of financial investments).

Understanding poverty: What is Poverty

In the book Sociology explained that the definition of poverty is the state when a person is not able to maintain themselves with the standard of life of the group, and not able to take advantage of mental energy, and physical within the group. In the humble people, poverty is synonymous with difficulties in meeting their primary needs. Despite that, the notion of poverty is different in urban communities, poverty means property owned is not enough to meet the needs of the living standards of the city so kemiskian become a social problem.
Definition of poverty according to the World Bank that poverty as living on less than USD $ 1 / day poverty and understanding the medium to revenues under $ 2 per day.
Sedankan in 2012, quoted by the Tribune, that according to BPS (BPS) that the definition of poverty is those who earn Rp 233 thousand per month, or Rp 7,000 per day.
Various kinds of Poverty

Poverty in the book Ecology Environmental Law and Development explained that poverty consists of three kinds, namely absolute poverty, relative / structural and cultural poverty. Although in some books on poverty, only two of them explained.
This time will be given three kinds of understanding of the kinds of poverty that exist
Understanding absolute or absolute poverty is poverty that can be measured by comparing the income level or family income levels required to obtain a minimum basic needs. Therefore, to categorize a person experiencing absolute poverty is where the money earned can not be sufficient to buy side dishes daily.
Furthermore, what is relative poverty? Understanding the relative poverty is poverty are more determined by the circumstances in which a person or family lived. So that although a person or family that opinion may fulfill all the purposes of the primary, but still relatively low incomes compared with other individuals in the community then the person called experiencing relative poverty. Relative poverty can be estimated by observing the low-income groups of a pattern of revenue sharing.
Understanding cultural poverty is a situation where individuals or groups choose to or take a stand to not improve their quality of life now because of its culture like tribal tribe example, children in the tribe, awning and more in Indonesia.

What is Poverty
Poverty will always be among us, and every time there will always be poor people some% of the population categorized as poor.

Kamis, 05 November 2015

Understanding individual Company

Understanding individual Company - The individual company's business is a form of business entity that is the oldest, and most simple. Understanding an individual company is a company owned, managed, and controlled by one owner. The individual company's capital comes from someone who is the owner and manager of the company, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Individual company does not require statutes. To finance and develop the business, concerned can use the loan capital.
Individual company does not recognize the separation between the company's assets and personal wealth. All the wealth owner of a guarantee all the debts the company's debt or in other words the employer has unlimited liability. And all profits belong to the employer. Establishment of an individual company in Indonesia does not have specific rules, but for some field activities of effort required permission from the local government.
In general, individual businesses have limited capital so that these efforts are generally classified into small scale businesses. If the business reaches a certain size, other forms of business more attractive to choose from. Examples of individual companies is a toy store, shop, garage. The advantages of a business entity is an individual company:
Excess Enterprises Individual company

Easy to set up and dismantle
The owner holds full control of the plan, capital, policy and business management decisions and only subject to the applicable laws and regulations.
Management is flexible
The owner receives all profits derived by an enterprise
Low cost of organizing and dissolution
The owner can sell the business to anyone who desired
Individual companies do not pay income tax as separate businesses.

People who want to form a business entity that is the most inexpensive, simple, self-administered, confidential and flexible will choose the form of individual business entities. However, there are some disadvantages of individual business entities is as follows:
Disadvantages Enterprises Individual company

The limited amount of capital that can be invested. The main weakness of an individual company is lack of capital that can be invested by someone. The lender usually reluctant to lend funds to the owner unless the owner's personal honesty and ability is not in doubt.
The owner's responsibility is not limited to the risks.
In certain cases, the gains or profits high will result in the owner subject to the income tax rate that is higher than the corporate form.
Concentration of control only on the individual owner can reduce the motivation of the employees who want to participate take part financially in the business workplace.
Death or disability would lead to the end of the business owner.

Understanding an individual company

How? Already know what the definition of individual companies and the advantages and disadvantages of one of the forms of these enterprises. Read also the article on the definition of the enterprise and many kinds of business entities and their shape