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Understanding Poverty

Understanding Poverty
Poverty is a condition where there is an inability to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health. Poverty may be caused by the scarcity of means of fulfilling basic needs, or the difficulty of access to education and employment. Poverty is a global problem. Most people understand this term is subjective and comparative, while others see it in terms of moral and evaluative, and others understand it from a scientific angle that has been established, etc.

In the book Poor? Do Mau, explained with hilarious that poor understanding of each person and the size of the relatively poor example: Some say poor property rich nda origin papa heart; some say that the poor if we can not meet basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, there is also that ndak eat meals together origin, but it is also said that if no money to eat today. There is also a nine impoverished grace and later at the end of hitungannnya faster and so on.

Further in the book "poor? Do not be shy", explained that the definition of poverty should be divided into 4 parts so that the poverty divide into four levels, namely:

Poor understanding level 1 is a state that requires basic clothing, food, and the board can not be fulfilled. While the definition of the poor level of 2 is if primary needs can be fulfilled but not for the poor sekunder.Definisi level 3 that fulfilled the needs of primary and secondary but not tertiary. Further to the poor definition of level 4 are fulfilled the primary, secondary, tertiary, but can not guarantee your child (in terms of financial investments).

Understanding poverty: What is Poverty

In the book Sociology explained that the definition of poverty is the state when a person is not able to maintain themselves with the standard of life of the group, and not able to take advantage of mental energy, and physical within the group. In the humble people, poverty is synonymous with difficulties in meeting their primary needs. Despite that, the notion of poverty is different in urban communities, poverty means property owned is not enough to meet the needs of the living standards of the city so kemiskian become a social problem.
Definition of poverty according to the World Bank that poverty as living on less than USD $ 1 / day poverty and understanding the medium to revenues under $ 2 per day.
Sedankan in 2012, quoted by the Tribune, that according to BPS (BPS) that the definition of poverty is those who earn Rp 233 thousand per month, or Rp 7,000 per day.
Various kinds of Poverty

Poverty in the book Ecology Environmental Law and Development explained that poverty consists of three kinds, namely absolute poverty, relative / structural and cultural poverty. Although in some books on poverty, only two of them explained.
This time will be given three kinds of understanding of the kinds of poverty that exist
Understanding absolute or absolute poverty is poverty that can be measured by comparing the income level or family income levels required to obtain a minimum basic needs. Therefore, to categorize a person experiencing absolute poverty is where the money earned can not be sufficient to buy side dishes daily.
Furthermore, what is relative poverty? Understanding the relative poverty is poverty are more determined by the circumstances in which a person or family lived. So that although a person or family that opinion may fulfill all the purposes of the primary, but still relatively low incomes compared with other individuals in the community then the person called experiencing relative poverty. Relative poverty can be estimated by observing the low-income groups of a pattern of revenue sharing.
Understanding cultural poverty is a situation where individuals or groups choose to or take a stand to not improve their quality of life now because of its culture like tribal tribe example, children in the tribe, awning and more in Indonesia.

What is Poverty
Poverty will always be among us, and every time there will always be poor people some% of the population categorized as poor.

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