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lose weight the healthy way

lose weight the healthy way

It's a healthy way to lose weight hot water!
One of India's health tips Ayurveda gives you a fun way to lose weight. The way it is consumed warm water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

As reported by the, drink warm water before breakfast would make you consume fewer calories. Drinking warm water are also able to curb the appetite, keeping the body to keep hydrated, and also makes your digestive be cleaner.

This is because warm water has the same temperature as your body so that warm water can increase metabolism faster. A good metabolism will stimulate weight loss. In addition warm water will also help the body to burn heaps of calories in it.

But it will work effectively if you only eat warm water without additional agents or other sweeteners. If you feel bored with the bland taste, you can add lime juice, ginger pieces, mint leaves, or even cucumber slices into it. Good luck!

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